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Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar, Pilsen

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In July 1, 2011 The  Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, Pilsen and Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar, Pilsen were merged into one educational facility.

Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering
This school represents the traditional and beneficial institution  that provides the full secondary education in  four-year study programmes finished by school-leaving examination (maturita exam)  and three-year vocational programmes finished by vocational certificate.
The school itself is focused on the branche of  Mechanical Engineering and the most related sciences such as Mechatronics, Machinery and the others. Students are fully  prepared for technical  proffessions as well as for further studies at  any technically orientated Universities.  All study programmes include in teaching Computer Science aimed at CAD/CAM systems as well as Technical Drawing lessons.

The School programme - the main characteristics:
  • interconnecting the Mechanical Enginnering with other branches such as Electronics, Automation Technologies, ICT, Machinery
  • using the computer assistance in  CAD/CAM systems,  Technologies, Quality Management, Product Lifecycle Management
Characteristics of study programmes
4-year study programmes:
  • Mechanical Engineering: educates students  for the Designing and Technological preparation of the production process , Operating and controlling the process and the Quality of products. It aims at special computer programmes and operations  used in process of manufacturing.
  • Mechatronics: combines the branch of  Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and  aimes mainly  at Automatic systems, CNC systems, Robotized systems of production as well as Robotics and Electronics itself.
  • Mechanics of Machinery and Operating Lines: the graduates obtain the skills of installing and disassemblying the machines and their systems as well as of controlling the right operating processes and other amendments.
  • Machine - Setter Mechanics: this programme prepares students for setting, operating and repairing all types of convenctional machinery as well as CNC shaping machinery, lines and their components.

3-year vocational  programmes:

  • Metal Shaper: this study programme focuses on working  processes such as turning, cutting, shaping and other for the students  to be highly skilled  and trained in jobs concerning the manufacturing  proceses.
  • Locksmith: students are trained and prepared to be able to  repair the machines, tools and their  construction elements as well as to be skilled to install and maintain the machinery in various branches of engineering.

Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar offers four-year study programmes finish with taking a school-leaving examination (maturita exam):

  • Public Management: the graduates are prepared for office work at local, municipal, regional and central authorities as well as at civil services. Students are educated  in Law, Public Management and  Info-technologies. They also gain knowledge of two foreign languages at intermediate level.
  • Social Care: the graduates are prepared mainly for work of a personal assistant for home or institutional nursering. They provide necessary care for seniors and handicapped people and their families, encourage their independence and self-respect, help with their integration to a normal community life and prepare a daily programme for them. Students are trained in Anatomy, Social Care, Free-time Management, Social Politics, Law, Economics and Special Pedagogy.
  • Social Management: the graduates are prepared for administrative work at social departments of state service, for management work at social centres and for councelling in the field of social benefits and welfare system. They are able to provide  clients any help with their  needs, personal assistance and social therapy.
  • Information Services and Librarian Work: the graduates are prepared for work with information providing information services. They are able to use Czech and foreign databases, work at libraries, archives, companies or public information services. They are also  trained in field of Info -Technologies, PC work, Data e-processing as well as in knowledge of  two foreign languages, Information Systems and Services.
  • Pedagogical Lyceum: this study programme specializes on humanities and prepares students for possible  future university studies. The main subjects are Pedagogy and Psychology. During their  studies  students gain practice  in  kindergartens, primary or special schools. They are able to speak two foreign languages at intermediate level. Students are also trained in human anatomy and physiology as well as in practical sports such as  swimming, athletics, gymnastics and ball games. They  take part in sports courses like skiing, cycling and skating.

Study and Social Facilities

Our school offers  the full and well- equipped specialized classrooms, school library, small cloakroom cases, all-day Internet access, free Wi-Fi and school outdoor sport field.
Lunches  are served in the school canteen and small  refresment is  available in two school  buffets. There are two coffee machines in the corridors.

Career and Educational Consultants

In our school act  two career and educational consultants. They  specialise  on hand to help the students and their families with the educational and personal matters and actively  take part in the educational and pedagogical campains and trainings  towards the prevention and elimination of social-pathological behavior of youngsters. They cooperate with the specialists at the Pedagogical Psychological Department to solve the more serious social  matters. They are also able to help the students to choose their future career and education.

Other School Activities

The school is authorised to organise professional courses and other educational events.
First-year students take part in a one-day social adaptation course with their class teacher and educational consultant  outside the school. Our school cooperates  with the French Lyceum in Belfort. Our language teachers  organise educational and  sightseeing tours to English and German-speaking countries. Our students regularly participate in technical, language and sports competitions.
Our school also operates a  welding school which  organises courses, trainings and examinations of welders.

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